Take this opportunity to experience working in a highly-innovative Startup that has won the top 50 National ASMI Startup, Top 8 Bekup Barekraf, and several international recognitions by joining our training program. The Speaking-App training program allows you to create an interactive teaching/instructional media using our Android Application Learning Management System (LMS). Candidates will have the opportunity to be guided with professional mentor in applying MALL (Mobile Assisted Language Learning), R&D, and online CAR.

Free Benefits Package

• Guided by Startup professionals in applying Mobile Assisted Language Learning (MALL), Research & Development (R&D) on Speaking-App features, and online Class Action Research (CAR) to test user experiences. All of these training activities are conducted by using Learning Management System (LMS) for Android.
• PT. DIGI professional Certification to ace and level up your career
• Potential entry-point to be a permanent and highly paid speaking team (Global speaking-tutor in the app, partnership, or R&D)

Training Syllabys
• Language Learning Assessment & Development: Mainly revolves around categorizing content level and themes, creating quizzes (including but not limited to analyzing quiz distractors)
• Instructional Media and Activities in Language Teaching (IMALT): Mainly revolves around submitting the created quizzes into LMS admin and analyzing the users’ needs to ace their language proficiencies to further develop the app


• Undergraduate student in English Department (ELT/ELL), Mandarin Department, and Deutsch Department, or Education Technology (TEP).

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Contact Person Perusahaan:
Web: speakingofc.com
Instagram: @speaking_id
Whatsapp: 085157787595